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OWS vs. Tea Party' - Is This A Reality TV Show You Would Watch?


Think of it as "The Apprentice" meets "Survivor" with a dash of "Big Brother" tossed in for good measure.

Would you watch a reality competition TV show featuring Occupiers facing off against Tea Party members?

Think of it as "The Apprentice" meets "Survivor" with a dash of "Big Brother" tossed in for good measure. That's the elevator-ride pitch for a new TV show in search of funding and a home.

"Occupy VS. Tea Party" is the brainchild of producer/author/musician Gordon G.G. Gebert. Gordon hopes to fund the pilot for his show and get it on air (or the Internet) before the November election. He has chosen the web to raise funds to cover the initial production costs. Using Kickstarter, Gebert hopes to raise $10,000 via "crowd funding." He has until Thursday, July 19th to reach his goal. (As of this writing, the project still needed around $4,200.) People who help fund the show will be listed in the credits and depending on how large their contribution may be, could even be seen on the show.

The Blaze spoke with Gordon Gebert while he was doing some of the initial casting for the pilot. While the show has garnered serious interest from different cable outlets, there was also an expressed intent in directing the outcome of the competition to suit the political leanings of the outlet. Gebert held back selling out the rights to his concept. It is his dream to allow the real debate between these two entities to be carried out on television, without the direction or nudging of someone who favors either side of the argument.

Last week, Mr. Gebert was a guest on "First Shift," a liberal radio talk show hosted Tony Trupiano. In this interview, the program's format is explained as well as the "crowd funding" process.

Pay close attention to the opening of the segment as Trupiano mentions that he would like to "kick Glenn Beck's ass." The host says that he wants to fight both Beck and Rush Limbaugh, but considers Beck to be a much more challenging opponent:

According to the show's creator, some big names are interested in participating in it:

  • Chuck Woolery has raised his hand and wants to host the show.
  • Ted Nugent has allegedly expressed interest in being on the show if it's on a network. (Obviously, Ted would be a member of the Tea Party team.)
  • Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake, & Palmer has also told the producers that he wants to create the music for it.

Would you watch a TV program like this?  Would you fund a TV show like this?

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Occupy Vs Tea Party

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