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The Communist Part II: Why Obama's Mentor Went From Republican to Devout Marxist

Joseph Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill at the Tehran Conference in 1943. (Image Source: Wikipedia Commons)

Last Friday, The Blaze provided you with a first look into Paul Kengor’s soon-to-be released, provocative book published by Mercury Ink, entitled, “The Communist,” which closely examines the life of President Obama’s longtime mentor, Frank Marshall Davis.

After establishing why presidential mentors have, historically, been of great import and consequence, Kengor goes on to explain how this devout Marxist actually began his political path as a Republican, often stumping for GOP presidential contenders on their respective campaign trails. Of course, especially at the time, the GOP represented the party of Lincoln while Democrats comprised the Southern racists so reviled by black Americans.

Oddly, Davis took a turn for the hard-left after being duped into believing that the racism he experienced as a black youth growing up in Kansas, and, later on into adulthood, was the product of a diseased Capitalist system, and that only the Soviet Union had managed to crack the code of equality, thus creating a racism-free utopia for all.

Yes, you read that correctly. Frank Marshall Davis became a card-carrying member of the Communist Party U.S.A. after being successfully indoctrinated by a clever Soviet-led propaganda campaign that targeted members of the American black community. The former USSR achieved this seemingly impossible feat by manufacturing what were known as Potemkin villages (or Potyomkin villages). These stage props were created to showcase an “ideal” agrarian society flourishing under the banner of Marxist-Leninism.

In the Potemkin, workers appeared thrilled with their positions in life, homogeny fostered “tolerance,” agricultural output was bountiful, and majestic birds soared on high through perpetual skies of blue. Indeed, on the surface, it seemed Mother Russia had successfully birthed a picture-perfect existence.

To ensure such a golden propaganda opportunity was not missed, Soviet officials courted progressive Americans, ultimately taking them on highly orchestrated tours of the Potemkin. On cue, rubes such as Paul Robeson, a close friend of Frank Marshall Davis and renowned singer, returned from the excursion with praise on their tongues and a reaffirmed commitment to Communism in their hearts.

One of the most interesting points Kengor notes in the book is how American Communists were absolutely consistent in their inconsistency. For example, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt finally signed onto World War II, Davis, along with his Marxist counterparts cursed the president’s very existence, dubbing him a “fascist warmonger and xenophobe. The vitriol was spawned by the fact that at that time, Joseph Stalin had already signed a pact with Adolf Hitler, thus a war with the Rhineland meant a war with the Motherland.

It wasn't until Hitler betrayed Stalin and invaded Russia that Frank Marshall Davis and his minions wholeheartedly signed onto the American war effort to defeat Nazism and lauded Roosevelt the toast of the Daily Worker.

Mind you, when Hitler banded together with Stalin, American Communists, many of whom were Jewish, abandoned the party in droves (and for obvious reason). Thus, the idea that members of the black community could ever have supported, for any reason, Hitler and his Third Reich, speaks volumes about their blind, even self-destructive devotion to the Communist agenda.

"I want liberals to realize that the Communist weren't their friends", Kengor told me during an interview. “They need to realize that they [Soviets] used liberals” and saw them as “dupes.”

For some reason or other, despite being preyed upon as merely pawns in a Soviet public relations campaign, despite being expendable even to the point of imprisonment and death, the Frank Marshall Davis’ of the U.S. remained steadfast in their commitment. What was in it for them still remains to be seen, but through Davis’ writings for American Communist newspapers in Chicago and later in Honolulu, the Soviets perhaps saw him as one of the most useful idiots of all.

In the next installment of our behind the scenes look into “The Communist,” which will be released on July 17, author Paul Kengor and The Blaze will share some of the stark parallels between the Obama administration’s policies, positions and slogans, and the writings and beliefs of Frank Marshall Davis. From the terms “forward!” and “change” to the use of “social justice pastors,” the revelations will shock even the staunchest Obama critic.

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