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Car Explodes Seconds After FedEx Driver Rescues Unconscious Woman From Accident


"I would just hope someone would do the same thing for me and my family."

An accident on a highway near Grass Valley, Calif., last Thursday was like that of a Hollywood movie scene.

Car and semi-truck crash. Diesel fuel from the semi leaks onto the highway. The driver of the car remains inside the vehicle unconscious. Enter heroic FedEx truck driver to rescue the unconscious motorist in the nick of time.

KCRA reports 11-year FedEx employee Scott Teuscher saying he saw the female driver of the Honda Civic, which was already on fire when fuel began leaking from the semi.

In an interview with local news stations, including KTVU, Teuscher said he first thought everyone was out of the vehicles when he arrived on the scene. Asking spectators if everyone was alright, Teuscher said, "they said 'well here's the truck driver.' And I said 'OK, what about the car?' They said 'we don't know.' I said 'you don't know?!'" That's when he kicked it into high gear, seeing the woman in the car and removing her.

Teuscher said it was "literally 30 seconds later" that the car exploded after he removed the woman who was later taken to the hospital.

Still, Teuscher doesn't consider his actions heroic.

"I would just hope someone would do the same thing for me and my family."

In true movie-script form, Teuscher went back to completing his work once the woman was taken away by paramedics.

Watch Teuscher's interview and video of the accident scene from KCRA:

(H/T: Jalopnik)

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