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DNC Chair: Electing women is good... as long as they are liberals


Oh no she di'int!

While speaking to a crowd at the National Journal's "Women 2020" event Wednesday, Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz insisted that while it's nice to elect women to public office, it's more important that those women agree with Democrats' liberal agenda -- specifically, that they support President Obama's contraception mandate and easy access to abortion.

(CNSNews.com has the video here)

“I think we have to be cautious about who is, you know, just celebrating that a woman got elected to a particular office and make sure that we have women who are running and winning who are going to champion the causes of women — who are going to make the agenda that is important to women like equal pay for equal work and making sure that when it comes to fighting for middle class families and ensuring access to birth control and making sure that health care is a priority and that it’s affordable, making sure that access to education and higher education is a priority,” the Florida congresswoman said. “So, electing just any woman shouldn’t be the goal. Electing a woman who is going to make the issues important to women and families is really should be the focus and I don’t know if we made as much progress on that as we should.”

NJ's "Women 2020: How Women are Reshaping the Economy, Politics and the World," hosted some of the most powerful women in Washington for a series of discussions on the role of women across a range of areas -- Congress and K Street to the White House and the private sector. (Click here to see more videos from the event.)

While I don't support the notion that someone should be elected based on their gender instead of merits, I believe it's important to welcome the views of all women to the table, not just those you agree with.

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