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We Have Documented Coordination': Media Matters Head Also Runs Pro-Obama Super PAC


"That's a clear violation of campaign law, isn't it?"

Outside the fictional universe of HBO's "The Newsroom," Media Matters for America is pretty universally agreed to be a far Left pressure group disguised as a media criticism outlet. The group's stated mission to take down Fox News doesn't help matters, of course, nor do its alleged anti-Christian and anti-Semitic biases. And that's not even getting into the erratic behavior of the organization's head, David Brock.

Yet still, the group is treated with some degree of fear, if not respect, simply because of its strong-arm tactics. Brock himself, however, is still considered fair game, and now that he has assumed leadership of the pro-Obama American Bridge Super PAC, he's likely to be a target of criticism and investigation for some time. Fox News opened fire on Brock today in a segment on Fox and Friends, featuring Daily Caller editor Tucker Carlson.

"We have documented coordination between Brock and the White House, and yet he's also running this Super PAC," Carlson said, suggesting that Brock had broken the law prohibiting coordination between a Presidential campaign and its Super PACs.

"That's a clear violation of campaign law, isn't it?" Host Steve Doocy asked incredulously.

"There's clearly coordination, and you can say, 'Well, that was in my capacity as the head of another organization.' Okay, but you're still in regular contact, coordinating a message, and I think that's a problem," Carlson responded.

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Fox Nation:

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