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Written By A Kid': Web Series Brings Kids' Imaginative Stories to Life With Celebrity Actors


"the most adorable thing you will see all day"

A new series on YouTube has debuted that's as fun for kids as it is adults. You see, it features stories written by kids -- hence the series name "Written By A Kid" -- but it is acted out by adult celebrities on an illustrated set.

Needless to say, at least the first episode was a "smash."

"Scary Smash" written by Brett Baligad, age 5, was posted on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel Wednesday and has more than 95,000 hits as of Thursday.

Starring Joss Whedon -- who if you don't already know wrote the screen adaptation for one of the highest grossing films yet ("The Avengers") -- Kate Micucci -- who has appeared in "Scrubs" and "Raising Hope" -- and Dave Foley -- who has been in a plethora of films but you may remember his voice most as the lead in Disney/Pixar's "A Bug's Life."

Watch the story, which begins like many a kid's tale with "Once upon a time," but takes an interesting twist involving a one-eyed monster, a milk truck and a stream of the dairy product leading to the ocean."

As pointed out by the blog i09, some of the elements that may make this "the most adorable thing you will see all day" are use of the words like "smashdid" and "S.Q.U.A.T. team," not to mention the leader of said S.Q.U.A.T. team "Gerald," played by Whedon.

The series was created by Josh Flaum and Will Bowles for the Geek & Sundry channel, which touts itself as featuring "a diverse line-up [of] the very best of indie geek culture."

According to Flaum and Bowles' announcement of the series on the Geek & Sundry community page, "improve is truly what's at the heart of Written By A Kid." As they explain, the show is made up entirely of a kid's story, which is developed by them on the stop.

"We honor what they create, whether it's a dinosaur who loves donuts, a wrestling witch detective on a bike, or a giant Mom who floats over Italy and eats everyone's breakfast" they wrote.

From there, their art, acting and tech members get to work producing these short films.

It is not clear how often the series will debut new episodes.

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