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Beck Blasts ABC's Misreporting, Uses Google to Turn Table on Reporter Who Indicted Tea Party


ABC was the "first" to turn this tragedy into a "political potato."

The mainstream media never seems to miss an opportunity to politicize a tragedy in its rush to paint conservatives in a negative light. In this instance, ABC news irreverently used an unverified report in an attempt to tie the Tea Party to the Aurora, CO shooter. The result was that an innocent man by the same name was fingered as the shooter.

(Visit The Blaze’s separate page on the shooting for all the latest news and updates)

Responding to ABC's Brian Ross and his hair-trigger reporting, Glenn Beck said that the media's job "is not to go out and speculate."

"Their job is to report the news not make the news."

ABC was the "first" to turn this tragedy into a "political potato," Beck said, and even noted that he wondered in his initial reaction who would be the first to do so. Beck and his crew discussed the level of irresponsibility among journalists and news outlets today and said it is time for irresponsible media to be sued and made an example of.

Even the Huffington Post is blasting ABC for its reporting, which speaks volumes about just how unprofessional the news outlet's conduct is.

Beck asked what good misinformation does for anyone. "It does none."

But Beck and his radio team wasn't done there. They also decided to point out the absurdity of Ross's actions by doing some Googling and finding crimes in which someone named "Brian Ross" was mentioned. It wasn't hard, and it made for a revealing segment:

This story has been updated with additional information.

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