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We've Got Seven Down in Theater 9!' : Listen to the Colo. Theater Shooting Unfold as Police Radio Communications Released


"I got people running out of the theater that are shot."

As the shocking story of what is the deadliest mass shooting in Colorado since Columbine continues to unfold, the audio from early police communications after the shooting in an Aurora theater's midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" has been released.

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Listen to the communication:

The female on the line says that at the time at least "one person had been shot, but they're saying there's at least hundreds of people just running around." A male on the radio confirms that all available cars would be sent to the area. A female then comes on the line repeating the shooting, location and address for all available officers.

Fox News Insider posted more of the communications. It is unclear if it includes 911 audio or if it just more communication recorded on police radio. Listen here (Warning: Some strong language):

What transpires in the audio is a mash of officers requesting help all over the theater for victims who are injured or down.

"We've got another person outside shot in the leg. A female," a woman in the audio can be heard saying. "I got people running out of the theater that are shot."

A man is also heard referring to a suspect in a gas mask. The man asks for a marked car behind the theater for this suspect. Shortly after this request, you can hear officers citing seeing a white car and asking "is that suspect?" Another officer says "Yes. We've got rifle. Gas mask." He refers to open doors at the end of the theater.

A frantic officer calls for help over the line saying "We've got seven down in theater nine. Seven down!" Another says they have a child requiring assistance at the back of the theater.

The shooting killed 12 and injured at least 50 others. One suspect, 24-year-old James Holmes, was captured on the scene.

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