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Real News' War Room: Principles Over Party


The Tea Party was founded on the notion that principles are more important than party, and have since seen a considerable deal of success in campaigns. But a challenge comes at the end of the month in the deep red state of Texas where a run-off election between Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz will determine the GOP nominee for Senate. There has been some teeth gnashing among Tea Party activists that the sort of national support enjoyed by Richard Mourdock in Indiana, hasn’t been seen in the race for Ted Cruz.

Cruz and Dewhurst don't differ on many issues, yet one Texan has been anointed the candidate of principle and the other a candidate of the establishment, and the "party."

What does "principles over party" really even look like? A recent Associated Press article illustrates the difficulties in answering this question, reminding us that pro-free market does not equate to pro-big business.

“Conservative republicans have roughed up the business community this year – and it’s not over yet…when it comes to many of industry’s top legislative priorities, conservative lawmakers…have thrown up roadblocks to tasks that had been easy before the 2010 election….their ideological leaders argue that the marketplace should dictate what businesses thrive and falter, not Washington.”

Joined by Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher's Communications Director Tara Setmayer, the panel discussed the Texas race and supporting principled candidates who can both campaign and govern:

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