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Is That Really James Holmes in the Red Hair Pics?


"Will you visit me in prison?"

Image source: Mediaite

Alleged Aurora, Colo. shooter James Holmes seems to have led a scant online life, but authorities are reportedly looking at a profile on an adult sex site that could belong to him -- complete with photos of a young man with dyed red hair, much like Holmes was said to have.

According to TMZ and Mediaite, police are working to determine the authenticity of the profile on AdultFriendFinder.com belonging to "classicjimbo," listed as a 24-year-old male from Aurora, Colo. At the top of the profile is the question, "Will you visit me in prison?"

James Holmes AdultFriendFinder

James Holmes AdultFriendFinder

In the profile, "Holmes" describes himself as "a nice guy. Well, as nice enough of a guy who does these sort of shenanigans." The profile says he is heterosexual and seeking a sexual relationship with "women, couples (man and woman)," and "groups or couples (2 women)."

As Mediaite noted, there are discrepancies between the profile and what authorities have said about Holmes: The user-listed birth date is Dec. 10, 1987 while official reports have said his date of birth is Dec. 13, 1987. Additionally, "Holmes" lists his height at six feet, while the FBI has said he is six-foot-three, according to TMZ.

James Holmes AdultFriendFinder

Aurora police have not released Holmes' booking photo, which would be more recent than the University of Colorado-released image and could possibly provide a better comparison. Still, do you think the photos of the man with red hair match the known photo of Holmes?

Update: TMZ reports AdultFriendFinder has confirmed the website was created by Holmes:

Sources at the website tell TMZ they have confirmed it was created by Holmes. We're told they tracked the IP address back to Aurora, CO and the account info for the profile (such as the address and DOB) matched up with Holmes.


Holmes created the profile on July 5 and last logged in to the site sometime in the past three days.

Law enforcement is currently looking at the profile to determine its authenticity and relevance, but website sources tell us ... they have not been contacted yet.

Update II: BulletPeople.com points out that the second red-haired photo featuring a woman appears to be Photoshopped:

James Holmes AdultFriendFinder photoshop

Here's the original photo of the woman, apparently taken from the "Extreme Friend" mobile app:

James Holmes AdultFriendFinder photoshop1

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