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Caption that photo!: The winner


The winner:

What do you mean that it doesn't stand for "Lets Go Biking Together?"-- KICKINBACK


Mr. President, can I get $500 million dollars to start my own network, LGBTV?-- ANOPINION

Barackback Mountain-- FIGHTFORLIFE

Of course I remember you, you were my composite Political Science Professor.-- LCALLDAY

I’d like to spend more time chatting with you later. Maybe we can have lunch at Chick-Fil-A.-- DISCIPLE4TRUTH

Let’s see, I’m going to guess B… AND T!-- RMAN3

Obama: Sheila from junior year fourth period?

Sheila: You remember me?

Obama: Your beard was shorter then.-- LT-USPHS

Obama: Does that beard tickle?

Supporter: Would you like to find out?-- ROMANTICPOET

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