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Socializing Private Sector Profits: Limbaugh Breaks Down Obama's Econ Philosophy


"Private property … is as important as the right to free speech ... Obama is trying to erase that."

After taking last Friday off, Rush Limbaugh returned to the EIB network on Monday to discuss everything from the horrific “Dark Knight Rises” massacre to President Obama’s infamous “You Didn’t Build That” speech.

"I want to go back to Obama and ‘You Didn’t Do That,'" said Limbaugh. “This is extremely important what Obama is setting up here, what he’s saying, attempting to socialize private sector profits, because it makes his claim on those profits, and, in fact, wages stronger.”

"Because what Obama is in effect saying (and this is why there was so much justified outrage about it), he’s saying: 'You didn’t earn it. You don’t have any claim on anything you have … Others made it possible for you and you either cheated them, or you didn’t pay them, or you stole from them, or what have you and he’s the agent who’s going to come in and equalize all this and make it fair,'" Limbaugh added.

Of course, as the conservative radio host notes, the irony of the president’s philosophy is that it actually applies to government, not business. Government is nothing and has nothing without the individual accomplishments, achievements, and hard work of the people.

“The government does nothing on its own,” Limbaugh said, “it can’t. [Government] has no money, everything the government does comes from us. Now they can print it, and they can borrow it … [but] they do not produce it.”

But this seems awfully basic, doesn’t it? Surely, the president must see this. What’s really going on here?

"John Locke, the founders of this country, believed that private property was the bedrock of our liberty," Limbaugh explained. "Private property … is as important as the right to free speech."

“Obama is trying to erase that,” he added. “Obama is trying to wipe that off the books.”

(H/T: Daily Rushbo)

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