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Serbian Libertarians? Beck Learns About the 'Global Tea Party' Movement Slated to Take Dallas July 26


On Thursday, FreedomWorks will be hosting an event in conjunction with Restoring Love dubbed FreePAC, where conservative and Libertarian leaders from around the country, including Glenn Beck, will rally and advocate for small government and restoring freedom across America. FreedomWorks will also be hosting a grassroots training session for tomorrow's liberty-driven leaders, providing them with the tools needed to effectively apply small-government principles in their local communities.

In fact, "Tea Party" activists from Great Britain, Italy, Australia, and even as far away as China are slated to attend to learn about America's founding principles and find out how they can best apply these values and guiding tenets to the framework of their own respective countries.

"I don't trust politicians.... especially in Europe," Beck observed.

When their people get hungry, "they always just turn to Fascism or Communism."

"The Tea Party in America stands for small government," Beck said during his Monday evening broadcast. "The change has got to come from the people who demand it and want it."

Beck spoke about his experience in Rome, meeting with the Italian Tea Party. They asked for help in understanding what such a movement stands for, as, for obvious reasons, they didn't even understand the name: "Tea Party." Regardless, they hunger for change and the dignity that comes from personal responsibility and liberty.  Beck said we need to find a way to teach people of different cultures, but of like minds, about service, freedom and liberty and that attending FreedomWorks' FreePAC is a good place for them to start.

It's quite a challenge to teach people from Socialist countries what it means to not rely on government, yet that is the challenge FreePAC is willing to take on.

On Monday evening, Glenn Beck sat down with Adam Brandon, Executive Vice President of FreedomWorks, to discuss the event and explain why the global Tea Party movement is traveling to Dallas from countries near and far. From young, Libertarian Serbians to Chinese dissidents, people from over 20 different countries will attend FreePAC July 26 to learn about American liberty.

Watch the fascinating interview below:

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