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Obama Is Talking About the Dehumanization of Our Culture': Limbaugh Refutes State Worker in Fiery Monologue
Rush Limbaugh

Obama Is Talking About the Dehumanization of Our Culture': Limbaugh Refutes State Worker in Fiery Monologue

"You didn’t run the restaurant, you didn’t invest in the restaurant, you didn’t have anything to do with running the restaurant!"

During a Thursday broadcast of the Rush Limbaugh program, a former Pennsylvania state employee called in to make the case for the necessity of public sector jobs.

"I think the president might have somewhat of a point," the caller said in reference to President Obama’s claim that public jobs help private businesses grow.

“I worked for the state of Pennsylvania taking care of intellectual disabled individuals for 26 years. One of the guys that I took care of, his mom and dad ran a family restaurant. A very successful restaurant,” the caller explained.

“And, you know, they told me many times that if it wasn't for the state and for people like me that helped take care of their son, they wouldn't be able to work 14-16 hours a day in a restaurant

business. And, you know, I don't think it's right to minimize public employees and the vital services that we provide,” he added.

Limbaugh felt it necessary to correct the caller in no uncertain terms.

“Nobody's minimizing what you do. What we're not gonna do is give you credit for what you didn't do. Now, you can sit out there and say all you want that you helped these two restaurant owners focus on their business by taking care of whatever,” the conservative host said.

“You got paid for it. That wasn't sweat labor. You got paid for it. You chose to do what you did. Nobody made you do it, unless your parents thought you weren't going anywhere and made you do something and you had to take it,” he added.

Seems like a reasonable response, right?

Well, apparently, a few of Limbaugh’s listeners thought he was too “mean” to the public sector worker. So, after a commercial break, Limbaugh took a moment to explain that he wasn’t trying to put the guy down, he was just being "passionate."

“Now, this guy, all I did was spell out exactly what happened. This guy worked for the state. He babysat intellectually disabled people. He was paid for it, I presume. Why else was he there? I think what happened was that the restaurant owners were simply appreciative,” Limbaugh said.

He continued:

They were thanking him. They were just expressing gratitude, which is fine and dandy. But that's as far as it goes. Who paid his salary? His salary is paid for by taxes, including the taxes of the people that owned the restaurant, unless for some reason the restaurant owners were excused from paying taxes. So they helped pay his salary with their taxes from the restaurant. But the point is, nobody made him do what he was doing. He chose to go into that business. He did not run the restaurant.

He didn't invest in the restaurant. He didn't take a risk in the restaurant. He didn't have anything to do with the restaurant!

What Obama is doing is coming along and telling people like him is, "See those restaurants owners over there? They couldn't have done it without you, and what did you get out of it? Well, you sat around with their intellectually disabled kid while they were out there making millions! While they're out there using the roads and bridges and everything!


The point is that Obama is out there trying to make these guys think that they are responsible for a successful restaurant! Now, nobody can deny we're all in this together. And nobody -- at least I'm not -- is trying to say anything different than that. But you also don't start assigning credit where it's not deserved.


Where does this stuff stop? If you want to start crediting people for things they didn't do, where does it stop? You have to realize what the objective here is. Obama is not trying to make people feel appreciated. Obama is not trying to say that you deserve more what you have. He wants you to conclude that, but what Obama is pushing for is the notion that there is no individual anywhere.

There's no self-made success. There's no mention of individual success.

Basically, nobody is anything other than a number, and that government makes it all possible.

Folks, this is tyranny! The dehumanization of a society is tyranny.

What Obama is talking about is the dehumanization of our culture, particularly in the business world. That's why this matters. That's why this is important.  We can dissect this policy-wise, we can dissect this ideologically, but I'd just as soon look at it in real-world terms.

This is about denying that people have anything unique about themselves. We're all in it together. Nobody's any different, any better, any worse than anybody else. Government's the great equalizer.

"Government's the great benevolent," he added.

(H/T: Daily Rushbo)

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