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Slaveholders': Mark Levin Defends the Founders From Statists, the Left & Utopians


"Wouldn’t it be great to have Professor Levin on campus?"

The Young America’s Foundation, the principal youth activism wing of the conservative movement, released on Thursday a promotional video featuring Mark Levin for their upcoming movie, "The Conservatives."

“The purpose of our constitution is not to grow a centralized, all-powerful, concentrated Federal government,” Levin says.

“What the founders were trying to do is figure out how to preserve the civil society, how to protect individual liberty, and -- at the same time -- create a functioning government,” he adds.

Levin goes on to defend the Constitutional and the founding fathers saying, “the Left, the statists, the utopians -- whatever who want to call them -- reject the Constitution, they fight the Constitution, they dismiss the Constitution. And, they dismiss the framers, the authors of the Constitution … as throwbacks, as slaveholders and so forth.”

“What those men did in that time, is they created the most free society on the face of the earth."

“Wouldn’t it be great to have Professor Levin on campus? Too bad that’ll never happen -- that’s why YAF had to make a movie,” YAF spokesman Ron Meyer told TheBlaze in an email.

"'The Conservatives' presents a dynamic alternative to the Obama administration and their latte-sipping professor buddies who want to make younger generations forget about ‘American Exceptionalism’ and the American founding,” he adds.

The movie features some of the conservative movement’s best and brightest minds, including Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, Jonah Goldberg, Monica Crowley, Ph.D., Dr. Walter Williams, Stephen Moore, and Peter Schweizer.

Click here for more information on “The Conservatives.”

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