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A Truly Remarkable Event': TheBlazeTV Breaks Down The 'Day of Service


"It was miraculous."

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On tonight's Glenn Beck program, guest host Erick Stakelbeck covered - in extensive detail - the overwhelmingly positive response to Restoring Love's "Day of Service." Those who watch the show will be familiar with the concept of the "Day of Service," but as a quick reminder, the concept is that tens of thousands of volunteers would spend an entire day doing nothing but serving local community organizations.

In practice, this amounted to a gigantic infusion of charity work into the Dallas area, as several of the community leaders involved told Stakelbeck in a five person panel on the show. Aside from Stakelbeck, the panel consisted of David Barton, founder of WallBuilders, Pastor Karen Dudley of the Dallas International Street Church, Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert and Joe Vernon, founder of a local nursing home.

Without exception, every single one of the panelists wondered at the passion and dedication of the volunteers.

"It was miraculous," Dudley said. "What really struck me was the fact that they were talking the talk."

This breathless enthusiasm for the project was echoed in another segment, in which Stakelbeck interviewed TheBlaze reporter Lisa Paige, who had visited all the service sites for herself, and seen the enthusiasm not just of the leaders, but of the volunteers. Moreover, according to Paige, even those who needed to be served, including drug addicts, were swept away by the furor.

"After speaking to so many volunteers and seeing so many kids in the act, it was such a humbling experience," Paige said.

There is one minor fact that is predictable, but saddening: the mainstream media hasn't covered the event at all. Why? According to Stakelbeck, because it disrupts their planned narrative that conservatives are heartless ogres who don't care about the poor.

However, minus the media's deafening silence, the event has been, by all accounts, a stunning success. And even if no one in the media deigns to recognize the event for its incredible power, as Ronald Reagan said, "there's no end to what you can accomplish if you don't mind who gets the credit."

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