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An Answer to Jesus' Prayer': 'Under God' Event to Address the 'All-Out Assault on Faith, Family & Freedom' in America


"...it's really becoming a tidal wave of evil and its consequences."

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Earlier this month, we told you about "Under God: Indivisible," a monumental event that is unfolding this week and coinciding with Glenn Beck's "Restoring Love." The Rev. James Robison, the event's host, believes that America is facing a spiritual crisis, thus tonight's conference will seek to remedy the situation by urging participants to bring God back into the mainstream.

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But, what exactly will the 6,000+ recipients expect to hear and learn at the event? In an exclusive interview with TheBlaze, Robison exuberantly highlighted what attendees will experience.

"They're going to witness a miracle," he proclaimed. "One aspect of the miracle is that they're going to see an answer to Jesus' prayer beginning to unfold before their eyes."

Robison said that participants will see fellow Christians seeking God "with all of their heart." The faith leader contends that believers will have the opportunity to be one with God and to be "perfected in unity with one another."

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While the event will stress the need for togetherness, Robison was careful to highlight the fact that this sameness has nothing to do with theology. Instead, believers are coming together to stand up for religious freedom and faith-based values.

The "Under God: Indivisible" web site provides more about what participants can expect:

On Friday, July 27, spiritual leaders from across the country and from many denominational backgrounds will join one another at High Point Church in Arlington, Texasfor a one-day Christian Leadership Conference dedicated to calling our nation back to God.  Attendees will hear messages from dynamic speakers, receive important information and spend time in prayer for a much-needed spiritual awakening in our nation.

This unprecedented day begins at 2:30 pm with a panel discussion among these exceptional leaders, sharing their insight on matters of faith in the public forum and how to express specific concerns among our congregations and in our communities.  This session (for pastors, priests, and rabbis, along with other ministry and business leaders) will give attendees an opportunity to ask questions of their own. The evening gathering kicks off at 6:30 pm [featuring] renowned speakers standing united for the next Great Awakening.

Considering the debate over the contraceptive mandate and what appears to be a continued assault on faith in localities across the nation, this event will be an interesting opportunity for religious freedom advocates to coalesce.

"We're witnessing an all-out assault on faith, family and freedom," Robison said, going on to cite Chick-fil-A and the drama over its stance on gay marriage as a good illustration of the attacks being waged on both individuals and institutions of faith.

Robison highlighted the partnerships that are developing between Catholics and evangelicals -- two parties that don't necessarily have a robust history of working cohesively. The array of speakers planning to address the audience corroborates the notion that the faithful are crossing barriers to come together in support of freedom. Father Jonathan Morris, Rabbi Aryeh Spiro and William Franklin Graham are only a few of the names that showcase the theologically-diverse minds who will be addressing the audience.

"We are seeing everywhere that God is left out -- [and with] the absence of God -- you get a glimpse of hell. No father, no love, no compassion, no accountability no responsibility," Robison continued. "And it's really becoming a tidal wave of evil and its consequences. So the people of faith have to stand together."

Robison suspects that those present at the event will see their prayers get answered, but the excitement, he claims, should be embedded in the notion that Jesus Christ's prayers, too, will be answered. How, you ask? Through caring people who are living out the gospel by showing love for their neighbors.

"Now that's restoring love," he said.

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