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Renowned Beck Photographer Shares Experience at 'Day of Service': 'One of the Most Awesome Scenes I've Ever Seen' (Updates With Service Site Pics)


"I just thought that everything you talk about is happening right here right now, live."

Restoring Love "Day of Service." (George Lange)

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A crowd estimated to be in the thousands flocked to Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX, in the wee hours of Friday morning to spread out to about 300 service sites across the Dallas-Ft. Worth area as part of Glenn Beck's Restoring Love event.

Buses lined up for blocks around the stadium in the pre-dawn hours to bring the massive crowd across the metroplex. On radio, Beck estimated the number to be about 30,000 people.

Blaze reporter Billy Hallowell, who's following along with one group, reported police were trying to clear out buses as fast as possible due to the massive number.

"It's one of the most awesome scenes I've ever seen," Beck photographer George Lange, who was himself on the way to a service site, told Beck on radio.  "I'm at Mission Arlington, and there are 400 volunteers here."

Asked to describe what it was like, Lange compared it to two years ago on the National Mall for Restoring Honor: "It felt like that moment at 8/28 and we peeked out and saw the size of the crowd and everyone burst into tears."

"I just thought that everything you talk about is happening right here right now, live," he added later.

And even though Lange leans to the Left, he said that hasn't mattered with the Restoring Love crowd.

"I have been invited in and embraced by everyone. ... It feels like we're all human beings taking care of each other."

He concluded: "It's very powerful."

Photographer George Lange captures some of the early bustle:

Restoring Love "Day of Service." (George Lange)



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