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Is it really 'scary to be a woman' these days?

Is it really 'scary to be a woman' these days?

Uh, not so much.

But apparently President Obama thinks it is, according to the latest ad out from his campaign.

I'd ask how exactly the president knows what it's like being a woman these days given that he's, uh, not a woman, but my curiosity is answered by his ideology. Simply, he's a liberal. And we all know how liberals are on an intellectual level most of us conservatives could only hope to be on one day. So whether or not I, a woman, feel like there's never been a bettertime to be a woman in America, I know not what I speak of for I am just a lowly conservative.

Then again, I don't base my views of my position within society on my ability to abort babies.

Silly me, I base my perspective on real opportunities and choices. I enjoy being a truly independent woman, not reliant on the government to make me a responsible human being.

You want to talk about choice? Never before have so many women gone to college (now more than men!) or owned their own businesses.  Women today have nearly infinite choices for what to do in their lives and their impact on our society is monumental.  Consider:

  • Female-owned businesses today account for for nearly $3 trillion in total economic impact.
  • In 2007, 7.8 million businesses were majority-owned by women -- that's almost 30% of America's non-farm businesses.
  • From 2002-2007, the number of women-owned businesses increased by 20%.

And women in the workforce aren't just making coffee or taking dictation.  They are involved in every sector of industry:

Forget for a moment that PolitiFact rates Obama's claims about Romney's abortion stance as "Pants on Fire" false.  The ad says much more about the mindset of the president than his opponent's policies.  Simply, President Obama has a very narrow view of what modern women care about.  Does he honestly think Romney's opposition to "requiring insurance coverage for contraception" is more pivotal in my mind than unemployment or national security?  Seriously?  This ad is an insult to women's intelligence.

I'd also like to add some perspective from some other conservative ladies...

Hot Air's Erika Johnson writes:

I hate it — hate it – when I hear liberal groups talking about “women’s issues.” Please stop lumping me in to your stupid, sweeping stereotypes and implying that, just because I am a part of the gender demographic that composes approximately half of the world’s population, I automatically agree with you. I don’t. But that’s the appeal of continuing this utterly dumb “Republicans are waging a war on women” meme, I suppose — drumming up a false feeling of mass feminist solidarity and convincing the perhaps less-informed ladies of America that they have something they need to get outraged about.

Do you have an opinion on Obama's new ad?  Leave me a comment with your thoughts!


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