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DUNCE: Following Bloomberg's campaign for gun control, his chief adviser says 'We're not about gun control


The Aurora, Colo., theater shootings that took place earlier this month spurred New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to get out his makeup kit and quickly book as many media appearances as he could to advocate gun control.

"[T]he most egregious gaps in gun regulation can be filled," Bloomberg wrote in an op-ed last week. A few days earlier on CNN he said, "You (the public) can call your congressman, you can call your senator and say, ‘I don't care, I'm holding you responsible even if you say you're going to vote for rationality with guns. I'm going to hold you responsible..." And just before that, on CBS discussing the Aurora shooting he said, "particularly in a presidential year... it's time for this country to do something."

Yet, in the New York Times today, Bloomberg's chief policy adviser John Feinblatt says "We’re about crime control. We’re not about gun control.”

The quote came in response to the Times inquiring Bloomberg's office why the city sold almost 30,000 pounds of Police Department’s used shell casings to an ammunition store in Georgia, which has far less restrictive gun laws than New York.


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