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Romney Launches 'Jewish Americans for Romney' to Shore Up Support Among Jews


"I am persuaded that now, more than ever, America needs to stand with Israel."

Following his trip to Israel, Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney is making inroads to the American Jewish community. With the announcement of his "Jewish Americans for Romney" coalition, Romney will seek common ground with Jewish Americans, while working diligently to convince them that he's the best potential prospect for election come November.

According to The Jewish Forward, the group's co-chairmen will be Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor, former Sens. Rudy Boschwitz and Norm Coleman of Minnesota, former Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle and Florida House candidate Adam Hasner. The coalition will have a 39-member advisory board filled with well-known figures in political circles who have worked in previous GOP administrations.

Here's what Cantor had to say about Romney's candidacy:

"I urge all American Jews – Democrat, Republican, and independent alike – to give a serious look at Mitt Romney's candidacy. Throughout his life, Governor Romney has been an unwavering supporter of the state of Israel. As he stated during his most recent trip to Jerusalem, 'by history and by conviction, our two countries are bound together. No individual, no nation, no world organization, will pry us apart. And as long as we stay together and stand together, there is no threat we cannot overcome.' Governor Romney understands that peace in the Middle East will only be achieved when Israel is secure within its borders and not the target of violence fueled by senseless hatred. He will leave no stone unturned in the effort to keep Israel secure."

"Having just visited Israel at a critical juncture in the history of the Middle East, I am persuaded that now, more than ever, America needs to stand with Israel," Romney said in a statement announcing "Jewish Americans for Romney." "I will extend the hand of friendship because our partnership is not merely a strategic alliance but a force for good in the world."

Romney praised the Jewish community here in America, acknowledging its accomplishments and contributions to the greater U.S. society. He also expressed his gratitude for campaign support from a portion of this cohort.

"I am genuinely honored to have so many of its leading thinkers, diplomats and political leaders support my campaign," he continued.

In addition to making these comments, Romney also defended himself against claims by Palestinians that he had made a racist remark about them during his trip to Jerusalem. He prided Israel's success on "individual freedom and the rule of law" -- elements that he claimed are built into the culture.

"In the face of improbable odds, Israel today is a world leader in fields ranging from medicine to information technology," the candidate said.

(H/T: Jewish Forward)

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