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Flipping Off God': Westboro Attacks 'Old and Stale' Atheist Richard Dawkins & Accuses Him of 'Perversion


"He needs to stop his brand of perversion, fear God, and obey God."

When examining relations between some of the fringe players in the faith sphere, it's no surprise to find that famed scientist Richard Dawkins, an atheist, and the radical, anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church, don't find many points of theological agreement.

In the most recent spat between the two parties, at least one member of Westboro targeted Dawkins' involvement in "The Clergy Project," an effort to help non-believing pastors and faith leaders escape the pulpit. The church member went on to dismiss the overall project as an abomination that will bring God's judgement upon those involved.

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TheBlaze recently reported about the creation of "The Clergy Project," which was undertaken by the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason and the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). Recently, the group's leaders created a support network and a special scholarship fund that will help atheist preachers escape the pulpit.

In an interview with the Examiner, Westboro member Lizz Phelps spoke out against the project, calling it "emblematic of a comprehensive curse over this land leading to ultimate destruction." Phelps went on to say that the members and leaders of the secretive Clergy Project are, "flipping off God [and] denying he exists."

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As for Dan Barker, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation and husband of Annie Laurie Gaylor (also co-president), Phelps claims that he is deceitful and that he will pay for his rebellion against God.

"He thinks he's so clever. He pulls upon his personal failure to obey God and offers the slippery, deceitful suggestion to others that they also defy the living God," Phelps told the Examiner. "That will be the start and end of him. He is going to be responsible for his own rebellion and teaching others."

Her words weren't much more favorable for Dawkins, who has become a kingpin of sorts for the international atheist movement. While he is often held up and heralded as an intensely brilliant mind, Phelps diminished his standing, likening his antics to "perversion."

"There is nothing special, unique, or creative about Richard Dawkins," she said. "He's old and stale. He needs to stop his brand of perversion, fear God, and obey God."

Phelps also warned that members of "The Clergy Project" should fear God and that their day of judgement is around the corner.

Previously, Westboro members picketed "Reason Rally," a massive atheist festival on the National Mall back in March.

(H/T: The Examiner)

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