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Fu** Obama!': Video Emerges of Occupy Oakland Protesters Trashing Obama Campaign Office


"Obama is just as corrupt as anyone else!"

(Source: YouTube)

TheBlaze previously reported on the group of roughly 100-200 Occupy protesters that marched through downtown Oakland Friday night, wreaking havoc on the streets and even smashing the glass windows of President Obama's local campaign office. But even the most detailed report can't quite capture the true nature of an Occupy rally like raw video can.

A video posted to YouTube on Saturday shows the large gathering of Occupy protesters marching through the Oakland streets, staging what looks like a dance party and holding signs with messages like "F*ck The Police."

After a few amusing minutes of footage where various occupiers show off their best dance moves, day transitions into night. Under the cover of darkness, a few of the protesters set their sights on President Obama's local campaign office.

An unidentified male can be seen on the video smashing the glass front windows of the Obama for America headquarters, prompting cheers from the emboldened crowd.

"Obama is just as corrupt as anyone else!" one man can be heard shouting shortly after.

"F**k Obama!" another man screams.

After the destruction of public property, the dance party quickly resumes to tunes by Michael Jackson. The Occupy crowd can then be heard chanting "F. T. P.," meaning "f**k the police."

From the looks of it, the Occupy movement is quickly becoming disenchanted with President Obama, even though he has refused to condemn the radical movement. The official Occupy Oakland Twitter account tweeted on Friday:

And a warning from Occupy Oakland:

"We are spontaneous, insurgent, uncontrollable.

These are our streets, and we are here to take them.


In addition to the Obama campaign office, Occupy Oakland protesters also reportedly tore down fences and smashed car windshields.

Watch the video of the mayhem in Oakland here:

(H/T: Weasel Zippers)

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