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Shock (or something): Pacific Northwest business doubles-down on 'offensive' billboard


Remember that super-offensive, cringe-inducing, hate-filled billboard that was hurting the feelings of countless truckers in the Pacific Northwest? Yeah, that one.

Well, the business behind the outrageously outrageous billboard, Bonneville Hot Springs Resort & Spa, has decided to capitalize on the controversy. Over the weekend, I was sent this from their manager, Stacey Fernandez:

Show Your CDL and Find Yourself In Hot Water!

In response to the recent allegations that the billboard advertising Bonneville Hot Springs Resort and Spa is offensive to truck drivers, the Resort is encouraging drivers to come look for themselves!  Effective August 1, 2012, any driver who has a Commercial Driver’s License in any state along with their companion’s can visit the spa for a great price.  The package includes a two hour pool pass, hot showers, a locker and towel rental for $15 per person plus taxes Monday through Thursday.

Spa Manager, Stacey Fernandez, was raised in the trucking industry.  Her father spent 40 years on the road providing for their family.  “It is a difficult way to make a living and raise a family” she says.  “Retirement came early for my father when he had a pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis and developed arthritis. After visiting for several days, he found relief in the water here.”

The Resort is thankful for the many commercial drivers’ who routinely deliver products and supplies.  Without them, the many amenities the Resort offers would not be possible.

The Resort offers well appointed rooms, fresh local dining, a beautiful boutique and boasts a 16,000 square foot spa.   Guests can choose to stay overnight or visit for the day.  Unlike other resorts, there are no hidden fees to use amenities such as parking, Wi Fi, other resort fees.

Located in the middle of the beautiful and scenic Columbia River Gorge, our property has a warm and welcoming feeling throughout the building.  For those who appreciate fine craftsmanship the Resort boasts beautiful wood and stonework throughout.  Everyone should feel welcome here; especially the hard-working and dedicated men and women who spend time delivering the things that American’s need!

If you would like more information about this topic, or to request an interview please contact Stacey Fernandez at 509.427.9705 or by email at

Well, done, Bonneville Resort. Well done.

UPDATE: My original headline said that Bonneville Resort was an Oregon business. It's actually located in Washington state. The headline has been changed to reflect this.

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