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Here’s Dana Loesch's Fiery Monologue on the 1st Amendment: 'Religious Liberty Legislated Out of Existence\


"I'm sure the original feminists would have a lot to say..." -- Bonus: Interview with former FBI informant about what the DOJ isn't doing about sex trafficking --

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Dana Loesch filled in for Glenn Beck on radio and GBTV (soon to be TheBlaze TV) Monday, and gave a fiery monologue on the First Amendment.

"On August 1st, while everyone focused on whether or not Michael Phelps would beat Ryan Lochte," she began, "the birth control mandate kicked into effect."

She continued:

"Religious liberty was legislated out of existence without public outcry.  American business-owners are now responsible for the results that stem from sexual decisions made by supposedly independent women..."

"Business-owners with less than 50 employees face higher premiums, or they can pay a penalty of up to $100, per employee, per day.  But more importantly, these business-owners are told that they have to subsidize the private choices of workers regardless of their own religious beliefs or practices."

Loesch explained that the administration's idea of compromise here is apparently "abide...or pay."

"It's discrimination if you force an employee to violate their religious beliefs, so what right does an employee have to force their employer to violate theirs?" Loesch asked.  "Where is the protection for the job creators?"

She noted: "This persecution of your religious right happened on August 1st, and it should've made headlines... but it didn't."

From there, Loesch cuttingly explained how distorted the feminist movement has become:

"During the days of the suffrage moment, feminist founders like Susan B. Anthony...marched in the street against government involvement...These women marched for freedom from government.  Freedom from Uncle Sam's intrusion into their lives.  Freedom to have the same voice as men, selecting their government...

"Today's feminists?  They march for slavery under government.  It is a remarkable 180.  I'm sure the original feminists would have a lot to say about a generation of women who take to the streets to petition the government to force their neighbor to buy their birth control pills because they can't stop having sex.  In return, they cede [to] the government a little bit of liberty, and self-respect."

She concluded: "I would liken it to the world's oldest trade, but I think that would be an insult to the ladies of the night."

Watch the rest of the monologue, below:

But that wasn't all Loesch tackled on GBTV.  She also interviewed former FBI informant Brandon Darby on child sex trafficking in the United States, and what the DOJ isn't doing to prevent it:

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