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Rush Limbaugh 'Jazzed' About Mitt Romney VP Pick: Paul Ryan Is 'Us

Rush Limbaugh 'Jazzed' About Mitt Romney VP Pick: Paul Ryan Is 'Us

“We now have somebody on the ticket who’s us."

Rush Limbaugh reacted jubilantly to Mitt Romney's announcement that Paul Ryan would be his running mate during his radio show Monday, saying: “We now have somebody on the ticket who’s us.  [Somebody] who can explain all of this, who believes all of this in his heart, in his soul, and he can do it with optimism and a smile on his face.”

"This pick told me Romney is not just serious about winning, but governing," he added.

"I like the fact that there's somebody that's going to be on the news every day that can talk like I do.  I don't mean to make this about me...that's not the point," the self-proclaimed doctor of democracy continued.  "We've got somebody who can articulate what we believe.  It's in his heart.  He doesn't need [notes], he doesn't need briefings, he doesn't need a consultant to tell him what to think, or how to answer a question.  He knows it.  He's lived it.  It's his soul-- that's why I'm jazzed."

Listen to the full remarks, via The Daily Rushbo:

Limbaugh also asserted that putting Paul Ryan on the ticket forces the Obama administration to discuss real issues [transcript via rushlimbaugh.com]:

They can call him extreme and do all that, but they're going to have to explain why his plan will cause Grandma to be eating dog food.  And when they are forced to explain that, what are they doing?  They are discussing specifics, and they will be lying, which opens up the opportunity for it to be refuted.  And, in the process, that brings Obama's record to the fore.  The very idea that Ryan will be criticized substantively, they're going to have to criticize him -- look, you're not gonna be able to get away with making this guy out to be Darth Vader.  They're not gonna be able to pull that.  They're gonna try, they are trying, but he is, perhaps, as I said, our last Boy Scout.

Ryan can explain the Bain Capital crap.  Ryan explained it over the weekend.  Bob Schieffer, that 60 Minutes interview, Ryan was chomping at the bit to explain Bain Capital.We have the truth on our side.  Bain Capital, and Ryan said this, saved businesses.  It saved jobs.  We've got the greatest opportunity to contrast who we are and what we believe with the demonstrable failure of liberalism, Marxism, socialism, whatever.  We don't have to tell people what will happen if Obama is elected.  All we have to do is point out what has happened.  But you need the right guy to be able to explain it.  Ryan is the guy.  And I see Romney now even being energized.  Romney had a crowd in Florida, which the conventional wisdom says he can't win 'cause he picked Ryan. They had such a big crowd in Florida, they had to turn 'em away 'cause they couldn't security screen 'em fast enough, in a state that Romney is guaranteed to lose, if you listen to the right pundits, because he picked Paul Ryan.

Listen to the explanation, also via The Daily Rushbo:

But that doesn't stop Democrats and the media from labeling Paul Ryan "radical" and "extreme," Limbaugh noted.

He pointed out: “Here you have Barack Obama, who is a street agitator, a Saul Alinsky disciple, a man who called Jeremiah Wright his spiritual mentor, who never called ‘radical’ or ‘extreme’ by the news media...But Paul Ryan, who may well be the last Boy Scout, who may well be the last Boy Scout — Paul Ryan is called radical and extreme and anathema to women?"


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