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Wild Al Sharpton Segment Involoves Paul Ryan and His Abs


"Paul Ryan's not a budget guy, he's a muscle guy!"

(Photo: MSNBC)

Rev. Al Sharpton recently took to his MSNBC show "Politics Nation" to launch a unique attack against vice presidential contender Paul Ryan.  While Democrats have thus far been emphasizing the congressman's "extreme" budget and proposed entitlement reforms, Sharpton argued that Ryan was actually rather inept on Capitol Hill, because he spent all of his time at the gym.

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"In more than a decade as congressman, only two of Paul Ryan's bills have become laws!" Sharpton noted with an expressive face. "So what has Paul Ryan been doing all the time he's been in Congress?"

At this point, the host played a clip of Ryan explaining his vigorous workout routine.

"That's right!  That's right!  Paul Ryan's real work was at the gym.  He's a fan of grueling the P90X workouts.  The regimen calls for an hour to 90 minutes of circuit training nearly every day... Paul Ryan's P90X devotion is so well-known, he's even worked out with the founder of the program, Tony Horton.  And Google says more people have searched for Paul Ryan shirtless than Paul Ryan's budget.  Paul Ryan's not a budget guy, he's a muscle guy!"

Sharpton proudly continued: "Did Paul Ryan really think we'd believe he spent all this time working on a budget, when he's really been working on his abs?  Nice try, but we got you."

The clip really must be seen to be believed.  Watch it below, via Townhall:

One commenter wrote of Sharpton's wild criticism of P90X and Paul Ryan: "He does Saturday Night Live better than Saturday Night Live."

Townhall's Greg Hendler admitted: "Alright, I laughed by butt off at the end of this segment.  [Sharpton] really sold it with his look into the camera along with the dramatic point.  Very funny.  Who knows if he believes what he is saying but I enjoyed the entertainment value."

His only suggestion for the congressman?  Consider switching to Crossfit.

(H/T: Weasel Zippers)

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