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New ad: Romney camp goes on Medicare offensive


With chronic unemployment and record-high gas prices, who would've guessed that the No. 1 issue of this election season might be Medicare?

I guess that's what happens when Paul Ryan is on the ticket and Democrats are scared out of their minds...

And speaking of Paul Ryan, a new super PAC was launched this week -- Defend Paul Ryan -- which is aimed at simply correcting the Wisconsin Republican's record Democrats seek to distort.  The group is headed by former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell who says the left's distortions must stop.

“Paul Ryan is a great fusion candidate for the three legs of the Reagan coalition,” Blackwell says.  “You can’t balance the budget or reform entitlements if you have too many families dependent on government support. And you can’t have the best military and security apparatus in the world unless you have a vibrant economy to fully fund current needs while also investing in future needs. He gets it, and he’s able to explain it to the average citizen with clarity and eloquence.”


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