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See The Video That Moveon.Org Thinks Could Stop Mitt Romney Getting Elected


Back when Glenn Beck used to be on Fox News, liberals complained all the time that the host was using his platform to persuade Americans of insane conspiracy theories linking disconnected instances of Leftist maneuvering together into a massive network of malevolence. Beck, the charges went, was intentionally poisoning the minds of politically sympathetic listeners by drawing ever-more insane connections between political figures, all in the guise of educating his viewers, even going so far as to do it using an actual educational tool. Namely, a blackboard.

Beck, of course, wasn't doing this. But it was fascinating all the same to watch the Left high-mindedly huff and puff that no one on their side would ever do something as silly as try to demonize ideological opponents using absurd caricatures and thin evidence all under the guise of education. Spouting silly conspiracy theories in front of a blackboard? Come on, who does that?

Well, Beck doesn't. But apparently does, if this video put out by the site is any guide:

Yes, that's right, thinks they've figured out the evil, secret Republican plan to take over the White House and destroy that noble apostle of the rights of the people, Barack Obama. According to, that plan has three prongs, and they are as folows:

1. Sabotage the economy and blame it on Obama

2. Use rich peoples' money to spread lies about Obama

3. Suppress minority voters using Voter ID laws

And this, according to Moveon, is a plan that has been spread all across the GOP and has been the intention behind every piece of Republican legislation pretty much since the 2008 election. The idea that the GOP has a different governing philosophy or actually thinks its particular brand of fiscal medicine is the right one is completely lost on MoveOn. For them, pure, anti-Obama malevolence and lust for power must be what's behind the GOP's actions.

If they had rock solid evidence for this argument, it probably would keep Mitt Romney from winning the election. The problem is, they have the opposite of rock solid evidence. What they do have are a few, isolated quotes from Republican politicians, a heaping helping of innuendo and a suite of misleading figures. For instance, the video above claims that conservative organizations have outspent liberal ones. While this is technically true, it overlooks the fact that the Obama campaign is currently outspending the Romney campaign in most of the key states, and also the fact that not all money spent by conservative groups or liberal groups is going towards the Presidential campaign. Nuance, however, is no friend of

Then there is the fact that can't even get the basic facts right in the video. For instance, they refer to "Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell" in one of their scare quotes, as if to suggest that McConnell is actually in charge of the majority in the United States Senate. In fact, McConnell is the Senate Minority leader. Harry Reid is the Senate Majority leader. This is a small point, but an important one, since the fact that the Democrats still control one of the houses of Congress means they can't be absolved of blame for Congress' inaction. Moreover, unlike the mistake made by GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney in which Romney called Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan "the next President of the United States," this mistake occurs in a scripted video, suggesting either that Moveon is unfamiliar with the concept of using multiple takes when an actor screws up his or her lines, or wrote this mistake into the script. And if they did write it into the script, that raises the question of whether they knew it was false or simply didn't care.

Either way, there is no doubt that this video is not the video that will stop Mitt Romney from winning the White House. In fact, given the abject failure of its messaging, it may even help him by showcasing the desperation of Romney's opponents.

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