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Video: Al Sharpton slams Paul Ryan for his guns


No, not firearms.

These guns:

Yes, the Rev. Al Sharpton apparently has some ab-envy and actually dedicated an entire segment of his MSNBC show Monday to criticizing the GOP vice presidential contender for... working out.

NOTE: The following video is NOT a comedy sketch. It's MSNBC.

h/t Greg Hengler

Sharpton also criticizes Ryan for passing "only" two bills during his tenure in Congress.  Two observations I have about this critique: 1.) It's probably a shock to Sharpton, but not everyone goes to Washington with the intention of making the government more powerful through meaningless legislation; and 2.) In order for a bill to be "passed," it has to be signed by the president.  Paul Ryan has aimed his focus on the budget for a long time and since Obama hasn't passed a single budget in three years, it makes sense that Ryan's bills have gone nowhere.

GOTCHA!... or something.

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