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MSNBC Host: Mitt Is a Tax 'Criminal,' Made 'Stupid,' 'Amateur,' Mistake & His Wife Is Angry


"He legally sought an amnesty for criminals like him... that was set up specifically for tax criminals like him."

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell (Photo Credit: MSNBC)

There must be a poll showing that the Democrats' demand to see 10 years of Mitt Romney's taxes has gained some traction with undecided voters. If not, what could possibly explain the total obsession with the topic displayed by MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell?

During just one segment on last night's episode of O'Donnell's 10PM show (Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell), the host:

  • Referred to Romney's tax returns as "secret tax returns" on three separate occasions
  • Called the former governor "stupid" and a "tax criminal"
  • Boldly stated "I strongly suspect there is a tax felony in his tax returns"
  • Twice depicted Mrs. Romney as "the angry Mrs. Romney"

Let's start with the last item on that list. In recent days, Mrs. Romney has increased her public profile and appeared on NBC's primetime program "Rock Center with Brian Williams." Prior to O'Donnell's statement, I had seen no mention of that interview using words like "angry" or even confrontational. Don't take my word for it, here is the clip that was played after Mrs. Romney was twice called "angry" (and the "stupid" and "amateur" part is in there, too):

Angry? Perhaps MSNBC's production crew played the wrong clip? Doubtful.

Just a few minutes later, the host -- in a discussion with panelists Karen Finney and Chris Hayes -- continued the attack on Romney and he actually called the candidate a tax "criminal."

Where do you stand on the subject of Romney's tax returns? Take our Blaze poll.

Romney's Tax Returns


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