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NYC Clerk Brutally Attacked for Refusing to Sell Beer to a Food Stamp Customer


"His cheek ripped. There was so much blood."

An allegedly intoxicated man on Thursday attacked a store clerk in Brooklyn, N.Y., after he was told he couldn’t buy a $1.25 bottle of beer with his food stamp card, the NY Daily News reports.

“Sell it to me,” the food stamp customer yelled at the Yemeni husband and father, Mutahar Murshed Ali. “Don’t get me mad.”

Despite the threat, Ali, who believes his aggressor was buying for a minor, refused to sell the man the 22-ounce bottle of Colt 45. The allegedly drunk man yelled a racial slur, left for a minute, came back, and then attacked Ali’s face with a knife, slashing him from his top lip to his left sideburn. You can see the picture here [warning: graphic].

“His face almost fell off,” one witness, Abdul Bin Ock, told The News. “His cheek ripped. There was so much blood. Every time he looks in the mirror, he has to see the same scar the rest of his life."

The attacker “was drunk, falling and stumbling,” another witness, who refused to give their name, said.

As for Ali, he is simply shocked at the entire ordeal.

“It happened so fast,” Ali said. “He took the knife out of his pocket and it happened.”

However, although Ali was admittedly shaken by the attack, he's a trooper. He went to a local hospital, got some stitches, and then went back to work "hours later."

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