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Fiery Hannity Panel Debates Whether Obama Has the 'Most Deceptive Administration in American History


"This campaign is really a propaganda machine."

Fox News' Sean Hannity hosted The Daily Caller's Michelle Fields and Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers on Monday night to discuss what he believes is "the most deceptive administration in American history": The Obama administration.

Hannity began by referencing the incident where Vice President Joe Biden's staff allegedly tried to edit pool reports. He also mentioned that his staff also refused to release transcripts from Biden for more than two months. Hannity added that Obama "had his name edited into the White House biographies" and official State Department documents to highlight his accomplishments.

Powers agreed that editing press reports is a problem, however, she wasn't convinced by Hannity's assertion that the Obama administration is the "most deceptive" to ever exist.

"I think Iran contra was a little more deceptive," she added.

Hannity went on to say that Obama's campaign "is about smear and slander" and he continually gets away with lying and misleading the American public.

At this point, Fields jumped in the conversation and blamed the press, saying the media "isn’t on top of things."

"What do you expect," she said. "You were backing up these people and basically let them get elected without doing your job. The media failed to do their job in 2008, so for them to be upset is kind of ridiculous, because they’re the ones who protected them."

Using that as a launching point, Hannity asked Powers how Paul Ryan would have been treated by the media if he had made Biden's now infamous "put y'all back in chains" remark.

Powers' answer was surprisingly honest.

"Total hysteria, he would be called a race monger," she said, referring to Ryan. She added there’s "no question" that Biden gets a pass on things and said it was "inexcusable."

"This campaign is really a propaganda machine," Fields interjected, adding that the State Department "is now editing descriptions of countries and putting Obama’s foreign policy positions in them instead of the history of these countries and the historical context."

"I don’t see any media jumping on this, other than Fox News," she added.

Watch the "Hannity" segment here via Mediaite:

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