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Legendary Comedian Phyllis Diller Dies Just 5 Years Shy of 100


Phyllis Diller, a comedienne whose career spanned over half a century, died in her sleep today, according to reporting from the pop culture website TMZ. She was 95 years old, had reportedly suffered ill health for some time, and passed surrounded by her friends and family.

Diller began her career in the 50's, rising up the ranks of the entertainment industry until in the 60's, she was given her own television show, even as Diller still made regular appearances on variety programs like the Ed Sullivan Show:

During the 70's, Diller became a fixture roasting celebrities with hilariously pointed abuse. Funnily enough, one of Diller's especially notable targets was Ronald Reagan, whom she roasted years before he even assumed the Presidency:

Diller's full, mature career continued from this point well into the mid 2000s, when Diller even appeared in the bawdy documentary "the Aristocrats," so named because of the continuously mutating, ludicrously offensive joke whose variations it was meant to chronicle. Diller managed to deliver a fantastic rendition of the joke, despite being in her 80's, defying dignity and venerability as only a comedian could.

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