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Joe Biden Compares Republicans That Disagree With Him to 'Squealing Pigs


During a campaign speech in Minnesota on Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden said that Republicans -- including Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney -- sound like "squealing pigs" when they go against the Obama administration's agenda, particularly when it comes to imposing stricter banking regulations.

Biden told the audience that Republicans "sound like squealing pigs" when they complain about the regulations, Fox Nation reports.

Biden also made sure to include that Romney is also against heavy banking regulations.

Here's the video from the event in Minneapolis, Minn.:

Biden also said at the same event that the middle class is "coming back," as he tried to make the case that the economy is headed in the right direction under President Obama.

"Folks, the middle class is coming back. They have been ravaged, they have been ravaged. But they're starting to come back." Watch here:

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