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Poll dancing -- 08.21.12


Voters haven't found a reason to like Congress, still [NBC/WSJ, 08/21]:

[O]nly 12 percent of registered voters approve of the legislative branch's job. The only other time it was that low was in Oct. 2008.

Several findings... [Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation, 08/21]:

Good news: 79 percent of the country is at least "somewhat interested" in the presidential election.

After jobs and the economy, 14 percent of Americans answer "health care/Obamacare" as their "most important" issue in choosing a president.

Abortion extremes: 19 percent say it should be legal in all cases; 17 percent say illegal in all cases.

GULP: 53 percent support "putting a special tax on junk food."

Food foraging [Gallup, 08/21]:

Out of all 50 states, Mississippi residents have the hardest time finding food (25 percent). People of the Dakotas have the least trouble (10 percent).

After "legitimate rape" comment, Todd Akin still leads Sen. Clarie McCaskill in Missouri... by one point [PPP, 08/20]

It's not that Missouri voters are ok with or supportive of Akin's comments. 75% of voters, including even 64% of Republicans, say they were inappropriate to only 9% who consider them to have been appropriate. 79% of voters say they disagree with what Akin said, including 65% who express 'strong' disagreement with him. 51% of GOP voters say they strongly disagree with him.

The horse race [Rasmussen, 08/21]:

[D]aily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows Mitt Romney attracting support from 45% of voters nationwide, while President Obama earns the vote from 44%.
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