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One way or another, Ron Paul people will be making a scene at GOP convention


Most of the Republican delegates from Maine are Ron Paul supporters and while they have plans to attend the party convention next week in Tampa, they may not even get seated.

The committee told 20 Maine delegates who support Paul they may not be allowed to be seated. Republican Maine Gov. Paul LePage threatened to boycott the convention, which starts Monday, if those elected delegates are not seated.

Paul supporters can't be trusted to put their support behind Mitt Romney, apparently. Maybe for good reason.

Paul people are hosting a pre-convention festival. Tracy Diaz, a member of the festival's planning committee told the Sunshine State News, "Those people present who are rather new to the liberty message might be supporting the GOP. But I think the staunch supporters of the movement will be voting either Libertarian or not at all in the election. I don’t think a single one of them will be supporting the Romney ticket.”

[UPI, Sunshine State News]

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