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Dinesh D'Souza Describes Obama Christianity as Marxist 'Third World Liberation Theology


"He is fundamentally a secular guy."


In an exclusive interview with the Blaze, author Dinesh D'souza ("Obama's America: Unmaking The American Dream") made some eye-opening comments on the president's faith grounding.

We asked D'souza, who's also the driving force behind the move "2016: Obama's America," if he believes Obama is a Christian. D'souza, who has written extensively on the topic of faith and Christianity and is president of the Christian school The King's College, answered that Obama is a disciple of the radical "Third World Liberation Theology."

According to a global Christian definition site, the movement's founders were criticized for their "use of Marxist ideas, their support for revolutionary movements, and their criticisms of traditional church institutions."

"Marxism and liberation theology condemn religion for supporting the status quo and legitimating the power of the oppressor," an article on the Journal of Political Science contends.


D'souza explained that Third World Liberation Theology "sees Jesus as a guerrilla revolutionary. It sees the Romans as the capitalist system or the American power."

D'souza also added that it is a "marginal, eccentric and some would say heretical" wing of Christianity.  He finished by saying that "What's particularly interesting is it happens to be the theology of the president of the United States.  So, in my view he is not a Muslim.  He is fundamentally a secular guy. But to the degree he can be described as a christian he believes in this particular wing of Christianity."

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