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Columnist imagines Paul Ryan naked, flexing muscles


The point (I hope) of liberal commentator Michael Kinsley's column in Bloomberg is to entertain what it might look like with Paul Ryan as vice president, presiding over the Senate. But the piece is narrated as if it were an Ayn Rand novel, the author whose economic philosophy Paul Ryan has both embraced and distanced himself from in the past.

But that doesn't excuse Kinsley from how weird this is. An excerpt:

"Paul Ryan laughed. He stood naked on top of the vice president’s desk in the Senate chamber, scanning the crowd of sniveling politicians below him.

"He flexed his muscles, the result of hours spent in the House gymnasium. Look at these pathetic specimens, he thought. Not one of them could do a one-armed pushup if his life depended on it. Not one was worthy of so much as co-sponsoring one of Ryan’s bills. Every single one of them had been elected by appealing to the average citizen in his (or her -- Ryan snorted at the thought) district. It occurred to him, and not for the first time, that of all the men and women in this room, only he, Paul Ryan, had been selected for his current office by the president himself."

Yeah, that's weird.


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