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Poll dancing -- 08.22.12


Neither Joe Biden nor Paul Ryan all that popular [ABC/Washington Post, 8/22]: Public favorability rating of Biden, 43 percent. Of Ryan, 41 percent. Silver lining for Ryan: favorability for the vice presidential candidate among seniors is higher at 50 percent.

Mitt Romney making (some) gains in swing states [FiveThirtyEight, 8/22]: "Mitt Romney has held the lead recently in quite a few swing state polls. That wasn’t the case in June or July, when Barack Obama held leads in those polls far more often than Mr. Romney did."

President Obama way ahead with Hispanics [NBC News-WSJ-Telemundo, 8/22] : Obama holds 35-point lead with the demographic.

In the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race... [PPP, 8/21]: Sen. Scott Brown, 49. Elizabeth Warren, 44. Also, Brown is leading with men by 20 points; Warren with women by 9 points.

The horse race [AP-GfK, 8/22]: Among registered voters, the Obama-Biden ticket leads the Romney-Ryan ticket 47 to 46 percent. Looking at just independents, Romney leads Obama 41 to 30 percent.

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