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Ann Coulter Skewers Todd Akin: 'Selfish Swine


"We're not only going to lose a genuine Republican pickup seat unless we stage in a write-in campaign, but it is going to bleed over."

On last night's, "Hannity," Ann Coulter let loose on the GOP's Missouri Senate nominee Todd Akin with perhaps the most blistering assessment possible, calling Akin a "selfish swine" who has only remained in the race because of his ego.

According to Coulter, Akin is not only a liability to the GOP, but his comment regarding "legitimate rape" could end up costing the GOP the Senate, and even spilling over into other races.

"We're not only going to lose a genuine Republican pickup seat unless we stage in a write-in campaign," Coulter said, "but it is going to bleed over."

Coulter's indictment tread familiar ground from other anti-Akin conservatives, but being that it was from Coulter, she made it with a slightly higher degree of comprehensiveness. For instance, Coulter suggested that Akin's comments regarding rape were the first actual statement that could be read to feed into the Left's "War on Women" narrative.

With that said, Coulter slammed the double standard on the Left regarding Akin's "rape" comments.

"Todd Akin is being attacked for saying something stupid about rape. The Democrats' keynote speaker is someone who was credibly accused of rape," Coulter said, referring to former President Bill Clinton. "If they're gonna have Sandra Fluke at their convention, we should have Juanita Broderick speak at ours. The idea that the Republicans are the party waging a War on Women - no, I'm sorry, we can't, because the Democrats have already won that war."

Watch Coulter savage Akin in characteristic form below:


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