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Colo. Family Finally Gets Home Back After Total Strangers Buy it & Move in


"Listen, what you’re doing is wrong, it’s illegal, I would really like you to move out of the home."

A Colorado family is finally back in its own home after it was illegally sold to total strangers, CBS Denver reports.

“The Donovans moved out of state last year for work and found strangers living in their home when they returned. It was one of many stolen homes linked to the same ring,” the report adds. “When the Donovans returned they were forced to live in the basement of a relative’s home in Greeley.”

And it wasn’t just a few days. The Donovans have been trying to get their house back since the spring.

“It’s wonderful, great, couldn’t ask for anything more,” Troy Donovan told CBS Denver.

Watch the CBS Denver update [featuring what could totally pass for Pete Postlethwaite's long-lost brother]:

Police have charged Alfonso Carrillo with racketeering, theft, and a few other crimes in connection with the Donovan case. As for the people who say they thought they bought the house "legally" from Carrillo, they are being charged with trespassing. You see, after the Donovans came home, the new residents refused to give back the house.

"I told her, 'Listen, what you’re doing is wrong, it’s illegal, I would really like you to move out of the home, otherwise we will take legal action against you,'" Dayna Donovan told CBS4′s Rick Sallinger in July.

The Donovans followed through and won an eviction order about a month ago.

“A woman who was living in the Donovans’ home said they were distressed. They fought the eviction even to the point of filing for bankruptcy protection, which stalled their removal,” CBS4 reports. “Weeks after the grand jury indictment was returned, those inside the Littleton home finally moved out.”

Luckily, the house was still in decent order.

"They actually did think that they bought the home, so they took really good care of it," Troy Donovan said.

“Yeah it’s over, it’s over, I can sleep at night,” Troy Donovan said.

Another man, Rudy Breda, is still wanted in connection to similar crimes connected to the Donovan’s case.

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