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Texas Burger Joint Offers Customers 'Best Butt' Discount -- Offensive or Brilliant? (Poll)


"We're an irreverent restaurant."

A Texas burger joint seems to have a novel way to save customers a cent or two -- they'll knock a penny off an order for the right assets.

Houston's KTRH radio reported a young woman recently ordered a veggie bowl, fried pickles and a drink from the Twisted Root Burger Company in Dallas. A look at her receipt revealed a two-cent discount: one for having the "best butt," and one for being the "best looking."

An image of the receipt was posted earlier this week on Reddit, and it seems the customer herself put it on Facebook with the comment, "Oh twisted root cashier, stop making me blush." The Twisted Root re-posted the photo on its own Facebook page Tuesday with the note, "It looks like one of our cashiers [sic] has game."

Twisted Root proprietor Jason Boso told KTRH the discounts are all in fun, and that they offer similar ones for the "best haircut" and the "best smile."

"We're an irreverent restaurant, there's always a little bit of negative feedback," Boso told the station.  "One of my partners is a black gentleman and he will yell out in the restaurant sometimes like the movie 'Jerry McGuire' 'I love black people' which he's allowed to."

One person who's not amused is celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, who told KTRH the discount is no laughing matter.

"What's next? Are they going then be evaluating a customer's breast size or shape? Are they going to evaluate a male's genital areas?" Allred told KTRH. "They should not be suggesting or encouraging their employees to engage in this kind of look-see at their customers' butts."

Boso insisted people are never "totally offended" by the discounts.

"They ask, 'shouldn't I get 20 cents off?' and we just say hey that's all we got," he said.

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