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46 Reasons Why Iran Should Think Twice Before Attacking Israel (Hint: Women With Guns)


Iran has been beating the war drums this week. But the Ayatollah and the Iranian Guard should know what they're up against.

Israel "is the only country in the world that maintains obligatory military service for women," reports And they are proud of it.

So we decided to thumb through some of the best (reported) pictures of Israeli women in the military to see what Iran is up against. Here's what we found.


Israeli women can use their heads


And their arms


Israeli women are not scared of the glamorous life


Israeli women know variety

Israeli women are mechanically inclined


Israeli women can go for a walk in the park


Israeli women are packing more than just makeup


Ok, they have makeup too


Israeli women love accessorizing


Did we mention they love accessorizing?

They make bunk beds look stylish


Israeli women love shopping


And gardening


Israeli women can fly


Israeli women can carry their necessities


Did we mention Israeli women can carry their necessities?

Israeli women stay on point, especially with an IMI Tavor TAR-21


Israeli women have good dental hygiene


And hair


Israeli women have great taste in eye-wear


Did we mention Israeli women have great taste in eye-wear?


Did we mention that?


Israeli women love hats

And shoes


Israeli women have twins


And are very pensive


Israeli women will leave you hanging


And also run you over with a tank


Israeli women can do this


Israeli women can throw a good party


Israeli women can hang out alone


Israeli women can hang out together


Israeli women come through in crunch time


Israeli women also know how to relax


Israeli women have faith


Israeli women are outdoorsy


Israeli women can chat it up


Israeli women can listen


Israeli women can march


Israeli women like nice things


Israeli women love nature


Israeli women don't like you in their van


But they love each other


And Israeli women can get a grip


Conclusion: Israeli women are just like other women, just with M16's


Come on, take your best shot, Iran.


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