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Poll dancing -- 08.24.12


People like President Obama but they'll take Mitt Romney on the economy [Gallup, 8/24]: Obama has a 23-point lead when it comes to likability. But Romney is preferred by nine points on the economy.

More voters get their news from Facebook than from MSNBC or CNN, but not Fox News [USC Annenberg-LA Times, 8/24]: Thirty-three percent of voters say they get their news from Fox News, 25 percent from Facebook and 21 percent from CNN. Nineteen percent said they get their news from MSNBC.

Most American don't expect a better economy over the next year [Rasmussen, 8/23]: "32% of American Adults think the U.S. economy will be stronger a year from today, but slightly more (36%) believe it will be weaker in a year's time.  Seventeen percent (17%) think economic conditions in the country will stay about the same."

The horse race, demographically [Fox News, 8/24]: "Romney has the edge among white Evangelical Christians (70-18 percent), white voters (53-36 percent), married voters (51-38 percent), men (48-40 percent) and seniors (50-41 percent). Obama has the advantage among black voters (86-6 percent), women (48-42 percent), lower income households (53-35 percent), young voters (48-39 percent) and unmarried voters (55-34 percent)."

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