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Kill Romney': Disturbing Page Appears on Facebook


"This is a page advocating for the murder of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney."

For the sake of the political system, one hopes that this Facebook page is a joke:

It's difficult to tell which is more terrifying - the fact that this page exists at all, or that it had "27 Likes" at the time this picture was taken (that number has since grown to 28).

Fortunately, even if 28 very troubled people do "Like" this page, the reactions from practically everyone else have been stunned and disturbed, and that's true of both parties. Here are some selected reactions to the page, also lifted from Facebook (Warning! Strong Language):

No word yet as to whether Facebook will remove the offending page. However, a competing Facebook page has been set up calling for its removal:

One of the page's detractors also claims to have discovered the person responsible for creating it in the first place:

If Mr. Albert is the one responsible, he can probably expect enduring some extra scrutiny -- like this guy.

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