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Democrats Forget to Proofread Anti-Romney Airplane Banner...Again

(Source: Twitter)

For the second time this month, Democrats have hired a plane to fly a banner intended to insult GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Republicans. And for the second time this month, the banner is getting attention for all the wrong reasons, specifically, for another glaring grammatical error.

The Washington Examiner's Byron York reports that Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse on Wednesday sent out pictures of a new banner, which is set to fly over the Republican National Convention in Tampa. While trying to claim that Romney, Rep. Paul Ryan and Todd Akin are all too "extreme" for women, they once again forgot to edit for grammar.

Woodhouse specifically described it as "our plane."

"Romney-Ryan-Akin Too Extreme for Woman," the banner boldly proclaims. Obviously, the word "woman" should actually be "women," as many elementary school students could tell you.

Last week, when Romney and his running mate appeared in Ohio, Democrats hired a plane to fly a banner intended to say "America is better than birtherism." Unfortunately for them, the banner actually said “America is better then birtherism.” This is from Saturday:

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