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Have You Heard the Incredible Life Story of the GOP's 'Rising Star' Mia Love?


"Hope and change lies with us, not Washington."

Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, Mia Love waves to candidates following her speech during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., on Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2012.Credit: AP

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She came out of nowhere, delivering a blistering speech on opening night of the Republican National Convention that has political analysts everywhere calling her the next "rising star" of the Republican Party. But for Mia Love -- mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, and GOP nominee for U.S. Congress -- the journey to that stage was as remarkable as it was improbable; proving that in America, anything is possible.

After living for years in Haiti, a country torn apart by wars and socialism, Love's parents immigrated legally to the United States in the 1970s with $10 in their pockets and the desire to find what they considered to be the "American Dream."

"They worked hard for everything they had. When times were tough, they certainly didn't say, 'Hey who's going to give me a check?" Love told TheBlaze in an exclusive interview on the floor of the RNC in Tampa.

And when times did get tough, Love's parents did exactly what many wish the federal government would do: They cut back on spending and lived within their means.

"So, I grew up with the principles of fiscal discipline, limited government and personal responsibility," Love said.

Love was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1975 before moving to Connecticut, where her mother and father would break their backs to earn a living and pay for their three children to get their education. According to her official website, the day Love eventually graduated from the University of Hartford, her father gave her an important piece of advice that she would carry with her for the rest of her life: "Mia, your mother and I never took a handout. You will not be a burden to society. You will give back," he said.

Love, a Mormon, says she's been using the principles instilled in her by her parents in her political career, first as a city council woman in Saratoga Springs and eventually mayor. Now, she's hoping to become the first black GOP congresswoman in the history of the United States.

While some people on the left see America as an unjust society that only benefits the rich (Occupy Wall Street comes to mind), Love told TheBlaze that she is living proof that the United States is the only country in the world where we are "not predestined to be poor."

"I think it says that we are concerned about giving everyone the opportunity," Love said. "We look at everyone equally and we want to give people the opportunity to go out and make whatever they want to of their lives. This is the only place where you can come with very little money in your pocket and go out and create something. Only here, that you are not predestined to be poor." [Emphasis added]

"This is the only place that you can go invest and suffer the consequences or reap the benefits," she added.

Love also reacted to a recent NBC/WSJ poll that showed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's support among African-Americans at zero percent, saying "Obviously, that's not true."

"I deserve a president that sees me as an individual, We deserve a president that sees us all equally as Americans, and obviously that's not President Barack Obama, that's going to be a President Mitt Romney," she said.

Love continued: "We've got people who have suffered and died to make sure that we have this life where we are all seen as equals. We are all created equally under God and we want a president that sees us equally."

"We are going to elect differently -- hope and change lies with us, not Washington," she concluded.

Watch TheBlaze's exclusive interview with Love at the RNC below:


Following her breakout speech at the RNC on Tuesday, people immediately began attacking her for being a "token" black for the Republican Party and even edited her Wikipedia page, calling her a "dirty, worthless wh*re who sold her soul in the name of big business," and a "house ni**er." Truly repulsive.

However, Love told Glenn Beck on his radio show Wednesday the fact that she is being so savagely attacked by the left only means that they see her as a threat.

"You know what– I’m fine with it.  If I wasn’t a threat, if I wasn’t speaking to the American people and having it have an effect, they would probably leave me alone," she told Beck, adding "They can come after me with whatever they want to…I’m a mother; I’m a wife; I’m a concerned citizen, and they can bring it."

If she wasn't a viable candidate before the GOP convention, she certainly is now. Demonstrating that Love has a bright future in the Republican Party, her campaign has shattered its "Love Bomb" fundraising goal and has raised more than $180,000. Their initial goal was $50,000.

In case you missed it, here is some of Love's phenomenal speech given at the Republican National Convention Tuesday:


The Blaze's Benny Johnson contributed to this report.



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