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Man With Concealed Handgun License Stops Vicious Stabbing Outside Texas School


A man with a concealed handgun license was able to stop a brutal stabbing that took place outside of a school in San Antonio, Texas.

The attack occurred at around 10 a.m. Tuesday outside of the Bonham Academy, WOAI reports. Teresa Barron, 38, had just dropped her child off at school when the kid's dad showed up, prompting a heated argument. The child's dad, identified as Roberto Barron allegedly pulled a knife and began stabbing Teresa in the upper body and neck several times.

After witnessing the assault, a quick-thinking bystander with a concealed handgun license drew his gun and ordered Roberto Barron to drop the knife. The father complied and surrendered and was taken into custody by the good Samaritan and a school district officer.

WOAI has more details:

According to court documents, Teresa Barron filed for divorce from her husband Roberto back on August 22nd. The documents also showed Barron filed for a temporary restraining order. A hearing was scheduled for this Friday, August 31st, but Tuesdays incident changed everything.

Police said Barron stabbed his wife several times after an argument outside the school their daughter attended.

"We are all real saddened about the situation, and we were all very hurt to find out what had happened, "a Bonham Academy parent said.

Teresa Barron was in critical condition Wednesday morning at the San Antonio Military Medical Center. Meanwhile, Roberto sits in a jail cell on a $300,000 bond -- increased from $150,000 -- and is charged with aggravated assault. According to court records, the couple has been married since 1994.

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