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Real News From The Blaze' Analysis of Paul Ryan's Speech From Tampa


Night two of the Republican National Convention from Tampa was a succes for the party and attendees, with well received speeches from New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, former Arkansas Governor Mick Huckabee and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, but the story of the night was undeniably the closing remarks from Republican nominee for Vice President Paul Ryan. Conservatives hailed the speech as accomplishing goals to present an engaging argument for conservative public policy moving forward, liberals pounced all over the speech for several different remarks by Ryan which they claim to be nonfactual.

"Real News" analysts E.D. Hill, S.E. Cupp and Will Cain discussed Wednesday's remarks from Tampa, followed by analysis from the panel in Texas. Who hit it out of the park? Who Flopped? What are the true facts behind the criticisms of Paul Ryan's speech?

Watch a clip from Thursday's show below:

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